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    Dust-free roller transfer AGV

    TIME:2022/5/4 16:07:23   click: 106

    Uwangte dust-free roller transfer AGV trolley parameters:
    1. Applied to material turnover transportation of production line in clean room

    2. The side-opening automatic doors on both sides, open when entering and exiting, and automatically close when running, with a thousand-level cleanliness

    Car body type: dust-free roller transfer AGV trolley
    Body size: 1580*800*1107mm
    Navigation method: Magnetic stripe navigation
    Running mode: forward, backward, arc turn
    Communication method: WIFI/serial port
    Drive mode: differential drive
    Drive power: DC24V/DC48V
    Load capacity: 600KG
    Running speed: 0-30 m/min
    Turning radius: 700mm
    Navigation accuracy: ±10mm
    Climbing ability: 3-5°
    Charging method: manual charging/automatic charging
    Battery: lead-acid/lithium battery
    Human-computer interaction: touch screen can be set
    Use environment: indoor 0-40°
    Dust cover opening width: 580mm