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    Dust-free telescopic transfer AGV

    TIME:2022/5/4 16:21:19   click: 100

    Uwangte dust-free telescopic transfer AGV parameters:
    1. Applied to the material turnover transportation of the production line in the dust-free workshop
    2. The automatic crank-type inner door is adopted. When the material roll needs to be loaded and unloaded, the automatic door opens to the inside of the dust cover without occupying any external space.

    3. An obstacle detection sensor is added on the top of the dust cover to prevent the AGV from colliding with the interactive screen of the punching machine during the operation of the AGV

    Body type: dust-free telescopic transfer AGV trolley
    Body size: 1090*700*1236mm
    Navigation method: Magnetic stripe navigation
    Running mode: forward, backward, arc turn
    Communication method: WIFI/serial port
    Drive mode: differential drive
    Drive power: DC24V/DC48V
    Load capacity: 200KG
    Running speed: 0-30 m/min
    Turning radius: 500mm
    Navigation accuracy: ±10mm
    Climbing ability: 3-5°
    Charging method: manual charging/automatic charging
    Battery: lead-acid/lithium battery
    Human-computer interaction: touch screen can be set
    Use environment: indoor 0-40°
    Dust cover opening width: 530mm
    Telescopic length: 235mm