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    How to realize AGV vehicle communication system

    TIME:2019/4/17 11:36:06   click: 4269

    In the process of automatic handling, the AGV car receives instructions and reports its status from the base master control computer through the communication system, while the master control computer assigns tasks to AGV and collects the information sent back by AGV to monitor the working status of AGV.The following monitoring can be completed by on-board computer: manual control, safety device starting, battery status, steering limit, brake release, walking light, drive and steering motor control and charging contactor, etc.

    AGV equipped with an on-board computer, on hardware with PLC controller or general microcomputer, it is the direct control of the central AGV robot driving and homework, mainly to complete the functions as follows: accept the master control computer of orders, task, report to the master control computer AGV car status, such as the location of the AGV, speed, direction, fault state, etc.;Automatically run to the destination loading and unloading station according to the accepted task and running route. In this process, the selection of running route, running speed, automatic unloading of goods, avoidance of vehicles in running direction and safety alarm are automatically completed.

    The i-so intelligent AGV car has programming capability and can complete tasks according to the free or fixed path.When the hao sheng AGV needs to interface with other devices in the system, it also needs to be equipped with automatic material loading and unloading and positioning mechanism, and its positioning accuracy is controlled by the master computer.

    Generally, AGV cars communicate with the base master computer by radio, or conduct inductive communication through the embedded wire on the line, or through the infrared laser, so as to achieve collision avoidance scheduling, work status detection and task scheduling between AGV robots.Fixed path AGV mostly USES communication cable buried in geosyncline or infrared device in fixed position for communication, while free path AGV mostly USES radio communication.

    Due to the interference of radio communication in industrial environment, the communication is carried out at ultra-high frequency (300~ 300hz) or higher frequency, so the noise interference will be reduced.Increasing the power of the radio system can improve the signal to noise ratio and reduce the interference.In addition, the reliability of radio communication can be improved by improving radio software, such as information compression, adopting information frame structure form or through information inspection, communication protocol and communication management.