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    AGV cars are used in industrial logistics, and AGV cars represent new productivity.

    TIME:2019/5/28 17:44:54   click: 4063
    Application of AGV trolley: The main working mode is that goods are directly placed on the body of AGV or on the material frame, then placed on the body of AGV or hidden under the material trolley, which can replace the material worker to complete material distribution and empty material recovery, and realize the automation of material distribution. It is suitable for the production system with large transportation volume or the use of multiple AGV to construct flexible production lines.

    Nowadays, many places are using AGV trolley, which can realize the rapid transportation of goods, fast docking production line, fast speed and high efficiency.

    Shenzhen Youwangte Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on intelligent robots since 2006. It is engaged in R&D, production, sales and service of AGV, logistics car, unmanned sports chassis, intelligent booster, intelligent robot and other products. It is a high-tech enterprise with steady development and rapid growth.

    With the development of real economy, manufacturing industry, Internet of Things technology and robotics technology, the company has rapidly entered the intelligent robotics industry with its keen sense of smell and awareness. Since 2006, it has been testing AGV mobile robots and motion platforms. So far, it has made great achievements in the industry. We look forward to cooperating with people from all walks of life in many ways to achieve common development and create a better future.

    Quality objectives: on-site service after retail sales;
    Development goal: to make life more comfortable;
    Business philosophy: focus on the profession, professional focus;
    Development Motivation: Continuous service and meeting customer needs;
    Cultural philosophy: diligent innovation, optimistic and enterprising.

    For more AGV cars, please contact Mr. Yisansan-Yilujiewu-Yisanzhang