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       ShenzhenUwant Technology Co., Ltd is a rapidly growing high-tech enterprise that focused on intelligence and robotics since 2006. It possesses independent intellectual property rights and key technology, engaged in the R & D, production, sales and service of the automated guided vehicle (AGV), logistics trolley, unmanned motion chassis and intelligent robots. It adheres to the business philosophy of strong combination, complementary advantages and win-win principles and established asolid strategic partnership with a number of large and medium-size high-tech enterprises. It separated from the parent company Shenzhen Konsta Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd for independentoperations in 2014.

    Konsta Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd is a high-tech private enterprise selling energy-saving products and automotive electronics products with R&D, production and sales together. Its products include LCD TV, LED, mobile visual DVD and vehicle products, etc.The company has more than 6000 square meters plant and a high quality staff of more than 200 people. LCD modules and other electronic products are exported to many countries and regions in Europe, America,the Pacific and Asia, etc. and has many long-term partners and customers. With the development of real economic and the state’s gradual attention and support to the manufacturing industry, networking and robot technology, the company went into the robot industry quickly with a keen sense of smell. From 2006 it began to deliver AGV carrying robot and sports platform, etc., and has made a great achievement in the industry. We are now looking forward to cooperating with you and creating a better future together! Website: http://www.konsta.com.cn