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    After computers, mobile phones, and the Internet, robots have quietly emerged as another emerging industry. When the price of industrial robots drops to about 20,000 U.S. dollars, and the performance becomes mature, stable, and easy to use, it will set off a wave of robots in manufacturing companies.. As early as 2006, Forbes magazine issued a prediction that today, the wave of robots replacing humans may have arrived! Bill Gates, who has been the richest man in the United States for 19 consecutive years, also praised robots. He once said that if he was now 20 years old, he would definitely choose robots as the first target for entrepreneurship. He also predicted that robot entrepreneurship would recreate the rapid rise of the computer industry and revolutionize human production and lifestyle in the near future. Robotic technology is a frontier technology of multi-disciplinary fusion of machinery, electronics, control, computer, software and sensors, and its output value will grow rapidly.